Wednesday, March 31, 2010

can life get any sweeter....

Today Tincarabell is very happy as she she ate a bag of Reeses pieces and had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch made with a bagel from the yellow bagel shop on brick lane- the better of the two. she is also very happy as she was strutting around with sparkly legs balanced on some very tall Chanel clogs.

Here she is wearing Green skirt [GAP]; silk tie [vintage]; shoes [Chanel]; top [Wren]; Lurex leggings [Anglomania]

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Tincarabell.......

This is Tincarabell, she likes to dress up in nice things, things that Cara picks for her.

here she is wearing red silk play suit [Paul Smith]; Brass bangle [Yves Saint Laurant]; shoes [Nicholas Kirkwood]; Jacket [Prada]


Designed for the PPQ S/S 1020 show by Shu Uemura, these eyelashes in today's free Stylist magazine reminded me of these:Early one day for work, I wondered along in the morning sun shining down on London's Brick lane. Passing each shop window, I spot Paperself Eyelashes in Luna and Curious.
favorite Brick Lane window to stare into is that of '172' They have an amazing collection of pieces from Maison Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan and Rick Owens]

What Marilyn Said...

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot" MARILYN MONROE

Made by an Angel

I ♡ these pearl and jeweled print leggings......

Monday, March 29, 2010


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Butler's crown

This silver crown was seen Selfridges Christmas Window and was also worn by Patrick Wolf on the cover of Super Super Magazine. [click on the picture to see Fred Butler's store on Supermarket Sarah.]

This crown was made by Fred Butler. I remember seeing this lady's work a few years back when one of her uni friends i was working with showed me her myspace. From that moment, her name has been cropping up in my path right up to her recent blockbuster bright blue telephone piece in Lady Gaga's Telephone video.

KMT @ Henry Holland!

I Want this! mega lolz.
check all his famous friends in the series here

Anya Hindmarch X Barbour

A while ago there was news of Anya Hindmarch designing a capsule collection for Barbour [available in autumn 2010]. Here is one of the coats from the 4 strong collection, other items include a waxed coat with detachable fur collars and cuffs.... yum! I like the quilting using the signature bow in the top-stitching, the inside includes some typical Anya Hindmarch features including the coin pocket inside [stamped with the word 'coins'] as well as a 'lipstick', and a 'dog and bone'[phone] pocket. I want, I want, I want, I want!


I walked past the McQueen store the other day and couldn't resist papping these heels.

The world of ALICE has taken over OUR world....

Nicholas Kirkwood for The Printemps department store, Paris [inspired by the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland]

Stella McCartney for Disney

and, Disney Couture....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The tale of Charlotte Taylor

Photos by Claire Pepper

Here are some looks from Charlotte Taylor's first collection for Fall 2010. Taylor previously was at Luella in the creative marketing department before the brand tragically had to call it a day late last year.
I pretty much love everything, but my favorite look is this one: and this one:
check her blog here where she has documented the birth of her label and how it has come to life in the world.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hanging on a chain.

Thank you Tatty for making my 2nd name necklace of my "2nd name".

red short shorts.

My friend, Annabel King is an illustrator, this is a portrait she penned of me.
She also made a series of dolls inspired by various people here is the mini me doll;

...........Aint she clever!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

illustrations of girls wearing...

I found these illustrations by Jonas Lofgren [for Lula magazine last year] whilst researching for another post. They are too amazing to not include by themselves, so here they are! [I especially love the Edie Beale]


Acne and Lanvin have joined forces again for round two of collaborative excellence. Disappoint us they did not. Here can be seen some amazing dresses constructed in Japanese light weight denims manipulated in Lanvin's signature ruching and draping whilst grasping Acne's simple design aesthetic.

I absolutely L O V E the shoot background as well [drawn by Lanvin's artistic Director, Alber Elbaz] amazing amazing!

Click here to buy/look/love the collaboration collection.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The skull that glitters in gold.

This enchanting bird skull necklace was designed by fashion designer and close friend, Julius Arthur. He likes skulls, fur, black, gold and all that glitters and sparkles, all of which frequently have staring roles in his fashion designs and beautiful creations.
I managed to get hold of him to answer a few questions............

What inspires you?
Life, death and everything in between. I like to play with emotion and feeling.

What is your favourite thing you own?
I have two. One is a ring from my mother, she will always be important to me.
Two is a small skull charm that i wear everyday and reminds me of a girl I know.

What is the most irritating song in the world?
Betty Davis eyes.......... haha!

Who is the person most influential to you?
McQueen...R.I.P I don't hold many people within fashion or celebrity to be influential. My influence comes from my friends and surrounding.

where you when you heard McQueen had died?
I was sat at home, drawing my collection. I turned the news on and found out about it. It is very sad, and fashion and the world will miss him.

What is your favourite place in the world?
Cornwall, on the north coast. The views are so dramatic.

What is your favourite accent?
AMERICAN! you will defiantly win me over with that one.

What is your drink?
Vodka and D coke, with fresh lime. ( its dull but cant go wrong)

What was the last thing you bought?
weirdly enough it was a set of sheep vertebra for a hand bag.

How many pairs of shoes do you think you own?
Not that many now. I had a clear out. so about 10

How many fox tails do you own?
The collection is ever growing i have about 30 fur pieces.

naked suit

I remember walking around the Central Saint Martin's Graduate Collection a few years ago when my dream was to attend CSM and later become a famous fashion designer [the latter dream has melted away somewhat since then but the first became true as I was accepted the next year for a foundation course there] I remember one student in particular, not by name but for her naked body print catsuit. I still have her business card [with the same print on] that I picked up on my visit, now stowed away in my "box of things I keep and can't/won't throw away", a memory box if you will.
This is the work of Olivia Rubin, who's work I reacquainted with after finding her signature brick prints featuring heavily in the AW09 collection. See here.

Another student exhibiting in the room this year was Christopher Kane. I can't recall CK's stand so much, though I do remember vividly his page in the catalog, he had a picture of his "Vogue" necklace. [I searched through most of my back issues of vogues from the era in search of an image I recall of him wearing it, unfortunately with no joy. I did however find an article in the December 06 issue where it describes the necklace accompanied with a photograph by David Baily- you can see it vaguely through the gap in his denim Jacket]

detail from photo by David Baily for Vogue, Dec 06

I ♥/miss Brooklyn

I miss Brooklyn, it is where I called home for three months at the end of last year. I would walk along Bushwick Avenue with a hop and a skip on the way to the subway, with creme cheese bagel in one hand and diet coke in the other bought from the Eagle Mini Market on the corner of McKibben street as I started each day of adventure in the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of."

I found these mementos from mini mini market on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg.
I actually owned this ring before it was commandeered by my at the time room mate.

Sipping on champagne between flowery walls.

On Wednesday evening I headed over to the beautiful Perrier Jouet bar on the 5th floor of Harvey Nichols. Here, I was greeted with mini fish and chips and mini burgers and mini lemon tarts and mini Thai curry but most importantly not mini flutes of Perrier Jouet champagne. This evening we were celebrating Ports 1961 moving in to Harvey Nicks' 2nd floor.

These are the gloves we were gifted with by the lovely people @ Ports 1961 upon departure.

I got bored one day and started to sew.....

Red cashmere cardigan [Tescos!] embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls, rose quartz, glass and plastic beads

♡ shapes

Thanks to Tatty Devine for my amazing gifts for helping them out yesterday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gold leaves.

This is some ancient Grecian gold, first worn 23 centuries ago, I would like to wear it now- I think it is true what they say about great design never goes out of style, even if it is 2,300 years on. better start saving though as it's price tag is estimated at £120,000......

My creation however may have to be the compromise.......

Alice, Alice, who the ____ is Alice?

Is it bad that I like this? Everyone is going crazy [or not so much due to the extreme mixed reviews on Burton's new creation] for Alice in Wonderland. And, here is some of Disney Couture's Alice collection, especially loving the Cheshire cat, I want..........
click on the cat to buy from ASOS.

questions and answers.

"Do you think girls from liverpool have a higher body temerature than girls from the south?"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Made in Heaven

MiH Jeans [formally Made in Heaven] is a resurrected brand from the 60's when it originated on the Kings Road back when it was Über- cool and people were allowed lions and tigers as pets. The kings road has changed since then, but the brand has held on to it's cool as it lives on finding it's way on to the legs of leighton meester, Claudia Schiffer and rihanna.

These 70's style cut "Marrakesh" jeans a.s.o Claudia, they are rather nice......