Friday, April 30, 2010

I I ♥ ♥ Double Double Denim Denim

Tincarabell and her good friend Sarah Knits have been busy setting up their debut accessories company Poodove [more info to to come, watch this space...]. And so has been busying away at the sewing machine, cutting up vintage shirts and skirts to create pieces for their collection. Denim, being one of the original working uniform inspired today's look......

Today Tincarabell wears her favourite jeans by MiH; dress [Zara]; necklace [Tatty Devine]; hair band [Tincarabell for Poodove]; boots [Christopher Kane]

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paper swimsuits

Bea Szenfeld's new collection, "Sur la Plage", is inspired by the beach and the sea. Ironically this swimwear is constructed entirely out of paper, and cut by hand, making the collection an entirely nonfunctional set of garments. However she argues that she wishes people to see clothes in "another way", that she enjoys the "fragile and stiff qualities" of the paper and how construction is a "challenging procedure".

Tower above it all

After a weekend of possibly a possibly too many fun and games [involving bottles of Perrier Jouet -courtesy of her good friend Helena Fleur and a constant stream of Moscow Mules mixed with love and above all merriment by Ana Star-Sia, all whilst enjoying the baking April sun...] it's now back to life. And what better way than to tower above the world in these ankle-breaking House of Holland x Charlotte Olympia boots, its the only way... onwards and upwards.

Today she wears Shoes [House of Holland]; Trousers [Peter Jensen]; tshirt [BDG @ Urban Outfitters]

Sunday, April 25, 2010

MIA was born free.

What a beauty.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Primark to Prada

Today was an unexpected day off, so Tincarabell met with her friend Stephanie Dove and skipped off to the park with some tasty treats to nibble on whilst sitting in the sun and watching the ducks in a nearby pond. After an hour or so of gossiping and such, they head into Ealing Broadway shopping center, delights there include but a few. And so they decide to go and mock Primark, they are soon eating their words as they find and perchance matching hairbands....... this find however is not enough to quench their thirst and so they head over to look in The Village @ Westfield, here Tincarabell spots these Vuitton sandals.....

Today Tincarabell wears Sandals [Louis Vuitton]; Headwear [Primark]; Acrylic ric rac Necklace [Tatty Devine]; Jumper [Alexander Wang]; Shorts [MiH jeans]

This was playing on her iPod as Tincarabell went for a run in the park with her big black Labrador in the evening sun:

Dance Hall Queen- Robyn and Diplo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beau Bow

I Hate Primark, I hate how it looks, the long ques and lack of order of the clothes, I hate how it smells [cheap/ plastic/ leatherette/ the sweat and tears of poor children in the 3rd world] I hate that they are making a profit on a pair of jeans @ £13 a pair, I hate that the clothes are ill fitting and badly cut, I hate the fabrics, most prints and choice of cheap sequins; however, today as my friend Steph and I went in on a mission to find the worst thing in there, we were distracted by these:
Acid wash denim bows @ 50p Reduced all the way from £1.50.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look what she found....

Yesterday after a morning of trying on pair after pair of jeans on the 3rd floor of Selfridges, Tincarabell met her mother to fill her head with something of more importance and less frivolity by going to the V&A. The destination of choice being the newly installed Grace Kelly exhibition which had of course sold out for the day so instead they headed over to the highly recommended Quilt collection instead. After acclimatizing to the heavily air conditioned galleries she looked at wall after wall of incredibly detailed and intricate specimens dating from hundreds of years ago to 2010. [Who would have thought that some old blankets could capture ones attention for well over an hour?!]
They then proceeded home via TK Maxx to see if any bargains could be found. In luck they certainly were finding this Luella jacket for just £47! woooo!

Wearing: Jacket [Luella]; Jeans [Serfontaine]; crop top [Topshop]; Sandals [YSL]; Clutch bag [Judith Leiber]; Headwear [Peter Jensen]

Eyes on Ears

I love a bit of glow I do, here are some glowing Tatty Devine earrings.

Last year my university collection had hundreds of £s of glowing particles printed on digitally printed topof Jerseys and silks; have a lil' look here if you wanna...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Devil wears McQueen

For the October 2009 'Franken Fashion' issue of Dazed and Confused, 13 design houses were asked to create a mask using materials left lying around their studios, one of which being Mr Alexander McQueen. He of course didn't make it, Elena Rose Crehan did instead.... Using a base is a latex gimp mask and enameled wind up toys [left over material from the A/W09 collection] this devil like headwear was thus created. Clever ain't she.

More on Miss Crehan here and here

Friday, April 16, 2010


[Click on image to see the Tatty Devine blog.]

Today being a beautiful sunny day I was in pretty much top spirits until I put my hand in my bad and discovered I had left my sunglasses at home [unhappy face] however whilst setting up for the Tatty Devine press day tomorrow, I had a little game of dress up with the Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow TV sunglasses, this filled my eye shading void.......

look how awesome they are, complete with mini aerial! [available from Tatty Devine's Covent Garden Boutique]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

7th Man Magazine Launch

Last night I attended the 7TH MAN MAGAZINE launch at Whiskey Mist with the Tatty press girls where we sipped on absinthe laced cocktails and were surrounded by an army of perfectly formed male models. The magazine itself is a high-end men’s fashion magazine aimed at the socially aware fashion conscious men of the 21st century. Flicking through the pages, I liked what I saw, a collective of some nice photographs and good styling, different to that of other male fashion magazines around- avoiding overly camp shots resulting in an answer to a gap in male fashion editorials. Furthermore with with Kenny Ho as the senior fashion editor [possibly one of the nicest people in fashion, I came to find after meeting him at the launch] this magazine has no reason why it can't be on to a big win. Though as the models filtered away from the funky house absorbed club and the millionaires and the prowling beautiful girls trickled in, it was time for my departure back to the real world where I caught the last tube home back to the west side.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 years young.

Want 20% off @ Tatty Devine?
To Celebrate a decade of Tatty Devine they are offering a %20 discount to everyone in possession of one of these vouchers.1.Click on the poster above > 2.Print it off > 3.Pick what you want > 4. Take the voucher to the store > 5. Buy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

the sun has got it's hat on, hip-hip-hip-horay.

Tincarabell had a fun-filled, sun-drenched weekend, good job she had her Eley Kishimoto sunglasses to shield her retinas.
Starting off her weekend at the Hospital members club in Covent Garden with her champagne drinking friend, they sipped on Perrier-Jouet and nibbled on wasabi bar snacks, these were a particular favourite.
The rest of the weekend consisted of eating copious amounts of food and drinking pitchers of cocktails with friends under the sun [and at times clouds]. Bliss.

She wore; trousers [ADAM]; Top [Cos]; Shoes [Miu Miu]; Sunglasses [Eley Kishimoto x Linda Farrow]

"walk walk, fashion baby, work it"

The I discovered yesterday that my friend Elena Rose Crehan was behind these Alexander McQueen 'Armadillo' Shoes. She said that "For three days before the show in Paris sitting on the floor embroidering on a homemade loom made out of a chair. Morning, noon and night I stitched!"

Lady Gaga also wore them in her Bad Romance video during the "walk walk, fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy." where she is encased in McQueen.

Have a look at some of Miss Crehan's other work here.

Filming Marc

The marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary, humorously directed by Loïc Prigent during the preparations for the spring 2007 fashion shows for both louis Vuitton and his own Marc Jacobs line.
Following around and capturing Jacobs provides insight to his marathon creative process. From initial ideas all the way up to the sleepless nights before the show where dresses are recut in different fabrics and colours and machines breaking where near impossible bags are handcrafted by the accessories team at Vuitton hours before they hit the runway.

My favourite bit? his Pidgeon costume in the first scene:

Part one:

Parts two three four five six seven eight nine


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

an orange view of a grey day

Today the sun was hiding behind the weeping clouds as Tincarabell walked the streets of London. Usually this would be a miserable state to be surrounded in but today this meant she could wear her House of Holland [sun]glasses- they have no UV protection and not good in the sun but are perfection wear to brighten up a grey day such as this one.

Today she wears Skirt [Peter Jensen]; Top [Cos]; Shoes [Alexander Wang]; Pexi glass Glasses [Linda Farrow x House of Holland]

Ice Cream shaped expanding foam

I have been working on the new window display for the most recent collection form Tatty Devine and today I installed it. Using hundreds and thousands, pastel paints, PVA, expanding foam and fake icecream cones, it looked good enough to eat [though if one did, they would probably be in trouble]

click here to see/shop the collection

No Threads

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti for the Spring 2010 issue of Vogue Hommes International, Miss Kate Moss takes off all her clothes and larks about on a beach.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Diet Coke- The most fashionable drink in the world.

Karl on a Bottle
[click the image to buy from Collette, Paris.]

Diet Coke has always been "so fashion", and now it IS fashion, with one of the most iconic figures in fashion history silhouetted on the bottle itself. Karl Lagerfeld has taken over the bottles at Collette, Paris, and for just €3.50 anyone can take a Lagerfeld home to own.

Monday, April 5, 2010

child of the 90s

The revival of crop tops, high tops, high waisted, pastels, double denim, floral denim, denim jackets, Pokemon is back, wispa golds are back , tie die came back and fazed out again pretty quickly and I even have a slap band... As a 90s child, over the last year these reinterpreted fashions has been a welcome invasion. With friends I have frequented Work It a night dedicated to the RnB and Hip Hop beats of the 90s in Dalston. I have also been getting very excited at the pictures posted by WAH Nails on Twitter [also a resident of the Kingsland road, Dalston], nail art being a very important part of my 90s experience- I seem to remember a pastel turquoise being colour of choice for posing for the camera holding up two fingers in a 'V'.


Will Smith the Fresh Prince.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

For Easter Tincarabell awakes to find the Easter bunny has come and delivered lots of little chocolate eggs around her house to collect, which she and eats them all before lunch time...oops! Tincarabell then walks town the street to pick up some yellow and white flowers to match her yellow and white ensemble and strolls along to her friend Ana Star- Sia's house for an Easter lunch where she sips on champagne and feasts on piglet and lamb, eating so much she can hardly move and is practically popping out of her Chanel.

For her Easter outfit, it is all about Sunday best: necklace [Mawi]; skirt [Chanel]; shirt and top [Christopher Kane]; shoes [topshop]

Saturday, April 3, 2010

halfway through the weekend.

Tincarabell has had a relaxing couple of days she has been; organizing her wardrobe for spring; walking and trying to tire out her constantly hyperactive Labrador; Cooking tasty things to eat; watching movies and repeats of Glee.... tonight, being Saturday she will go party and needs to pick another outfit....

Today she wears: dress [New Look]; shoes [Topshop]; Jacket [Nicole Farhi]; Leather hair piece [Miu Miu]

Friday, April 2, 2010

the end was near.

This time last year I was toiling this outfit for final collection time down in Brighton. I wish my friends doing it now the best of luck. x x

My room

Chandelier hanging from ceiling.

Dresses hanging on wall: vintage 1920s lace dress; vintage prom dress made with Harrods fabric; sequin skirt by Miu Miu [hanging in front of silver flecked leather cow hide]