Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nils Dunkel

Here is Animal collection 2010 by Berliner Nils Dunkel. The collection of t shirts feature his illustration's of animals, and very nice illustrations they are too. I like a nice tshirt me.
The collection was shot by fellow Berlin dweller Kate Bellm.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost and found

The gorgeous Helena Fleur picked up a copy of the Browns forty years of fashion for me as she sweeped away from the event earlier this last month, I left it at another friends house after another Perier Jouet infused evening and never got a peek at the pictures. Until now.......

Saturday, June 19, 2010

That Friday feeling.

With a bad start to the day onset by the signal fail riddled Underground, Tincarabell had a bit of an adventure trying to get to work on time running from station to stop.
The horrible morning was however quickly forgotten about apon arrival, as today was the day they were casting male models, lots of male models. So, Tincarabell spent the morning running up and down the stairs introducing these beautiful boys to the company directors.
After she popped over to the Love magazine headquarters to drop off some samples and check in with her lunch date for a catch up from the other side of the fashion road.

Later Tincarabell headed over to the Dove's apartment to eat pizza and icecream and drink pear cider in front of the super boring football, which was subsited by the glee finaly at half time as England's world cup performance failed to entertian.

Shoes [Christian Louboutin]; Shorts [Acne]; T shirt [Cos]

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The new work out.

As Tincarabell heads to work each morning her loathing hatred for the horrible running shoes on the feet of women as they make their way to work increases. Women who think it is perfectly acceptable to team some Hi Tech or Asics trainers with a pencil skirt and tailored jacket and sit on the tube and walk down a busy street for all of London to see.. Vom.
Tincarabell wears her Manolos to work........
Still running in heels, Tincarabell doesn't need a gym [not that voluntary exercise is part of her vocabulary, other than a casual glide in the sea on holiday- which doesn't count I know...] Today she has been lifting boxes, lots and lots of boxes. The catalogues arrived for the Autumn/Winter collection, which then of course need to be distributed to The communications store, People's Revolution and all the other PR agencies around the world [tomorrow is going to be a fun day..] So, lifting boxes and requesting samples back, samples lent to Katie Grand. Lily Allen and various Vogues around the world. This was her day.

As she sleeps tonight, she will dream of her toned arms from her heavy lifting the day before.

Today for her work out she wore: Shoes [Manolo Blahnik]; Dress [Moschino]; Jacket [Moschino]

Monday, June 14, 2010

David William Telfer

David William Telfer is a menswear designer. His Idea's focuses on simplistic methods of improving the efficiency of the construction process where he creates garments contstructed with just one seam/ one piece. [as illustrated on some of his business cards- see below] The emphasis on the process of his work seen on his website illustrates his exploration and approach to fashion appearing to be more of a science, a mathematical experiment and this exploration is the genius, where the garments are the conclusion.

It's Business....

Pictures from the University of Brighton fashion show

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Treasure hunting

Saturday Tincarabell really was running in heels, back and forth between charity shops from West Ealing to Shepherds Bush she was searching for garments to style together for the TV show she have been asked to style for..... She found some absolute gems including a Valentino jacket, Ralph Lauren mint condition blazer [fresh with a £215 price tag still attached] A silk t-shirt, A pair of high waisted Vintage Levi's Jeans for £2 and a £13 leather jacket amongst countless questionable items discarded by their previous owners.

And then later, a veg out with Sarah Knits eating chocolate and crisps and dips and Cider and Pizza in front of the football..... not that they really found it to be all that very entertaining. They just felt it was something that needed to be done. [They missed the first 5 minutes anyway, which apparently was the best bit....]

Tincarabell teams her £2 Levi's with: Tshirt [Ossie Clark]; Tights [Chanel]; Shoes [Chanel]

Thursday, June 10, 2010

burning at both ends.

This week has been a busy one. So busy that beauty sleep is no longer part of the daily routine. Surviving on 5 hours a night, Tincarabell has been a busy bee getting through an endless list of stylist's requests.... the September issues are on their way..... But the work doesn't stop as she shuts down her horrible PC, oh no, Tincarabell has now got two jobs. She is trying her hand at styling and landed a freelance role as a costume stylist for a television show. Putting together looks from different centuries as well as recent decades [this weekend she is sourcing for some scenes from the eighties and nineties- fun fun fun!]

And so, inspired by the the gladiator themed outfits she opts for a dress by Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki with shoes by Rodarte.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Show me what you got then

Before the University of Brighton fashion show was due to start, I was fortunate enough t catch the exhibition taking place at grand parade. Here I spotted many visionary treats.
The fashion and textiles space was of course looking very sparse due to the fact that the garments were downstairs on rails backstage ready for the models to walk them down the catwalk. There was however postcards with images from their collections....

Seana Italia Redmond and Naomi-Jane Foot

Bradley Dykes and Anna Woodward

David William Telfer and Daisy Newman

Steven Woodward and Ilona Yolshina-Cash

Another find in the exhibition is Redmond's Book, designed by graphic designers, Becky Sian, Joe Luxton, Miles Gould and Claude D'Avoine, it features images from her photo shoot, which was also filmed [see below]

Yet another piece of moving image this year was created for Steven Woodward's collection. A really cute idea of a girl picking her outfit before going out, holding up outfits to her body in the mirror, doing her make up...........

look here:

University of Brighton graduate fashion show

Saturday evening saw the University of Brighton Graduate fashion show. Having been invited the "Industry show" [super exciting!], I unfortunately unable to see full collections from the textile designers including Daisy Newman and Seana Italia Redmond. However I did get to see collections from:

The almighty Julius Quinn Arther. Having seen the collection previously via shots from the fashion shoot, it was very exciting to see them in motion, like spotting a famous person you love as you walk down the street. Styled to the nines, the collection looked stunning.

Caitlin Price's collection for me was one of my favourites, her designs conveyed a beautiful contrast of functional coats and jacket with luxurious long jersey and silk skirts:
Caitlin also won the best catwalk collection. Snaps to her!

Bradley Dykes' collection for me was a big surprise, not his ability of course, I always knew he would produce something super cool and amazing [and in jersey], just adorning boys not girls. His prints were generated by taking stills from videos he made on his mobile and blowing them up before digitally printing them....

My favourite garm:

Hannah Louise Moores draws nice pictures, very nice pictures, some of these pictures have been transferred onto the garments in her collection. As I hate to admit it,[as a previous student of printed textiles for fashion] I don't wear print. I don't generally get excited by it, but this [especially the first look] I do. And the garms are pretty cool too.....

Mercedes Williams created collection which appeared to be collaged and cut up with great contrast in fabrics and shapes.....
check out the toggles on this baby!

Rachel Poulter's striking collection channels structural and architectural surface manipulation in forming shapes which cocoon the body, suggesting a protective nature to the garments.

Well done graduates, you did good!