Sunday, May 30, 2010


As the academic year draws to a close the new young talents start to emerge from the confinements of their studio cocoons where they have been preparing spread their wings and fly into the fashion jungle.

Here we have the unstoppable force that is Seana Italia Redmond [or Seana Stormer to her nearest and dearest.]. Her collection entitles Traces stems from her research which explores capturing knitwear on camera and how photography has the potential to feed into her knitwear.
She has created a book [more to come once I get my hands on it] which she created alongside some graphics students to compliment the collection.

here are some extracts from the book which explain the origins of collection:

'The photography has been a tool to capture the elusive movement and texture of my knitwear; the capture of these garments means they are precious frozen frames of moments in time which could otherwise have been lost in the blink of an eye.'

'This constant pendulum motion between the knitwear and photographs allows both disciplines to feed off each other: effectively one cannot succeed without the other.'

'The knitwear is therefore driving a mood and tempo rather than merely being a static collection that is captured and presented through a photographic record.'

For more information, visit her blog here

Lady gaga and her famous questioning friends

Lady Gaga's live interview on consisted of the "best of" 25000 questions that fans sent in for her to answer. The questions were whittled down to the the best ones, ones asked by the likes of Jefferson Hack, Mario Testino, Nicola (her stylist), Paris Hilton, Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones, Quintin Tarentino, Naomi Campbell, Nick Knight, Kate Moss, Gareth Pugh, Daphne Guinness.....hmmmm
The Interview was very insightful though, we learn her inspirations, what she wore to her prom (a "carwash" dress made out of chiffon, wrapped around like a black tube dress. It was very very short and had black strips at the bottom, like a carwash. Then it faded into grey, it cost her $300), The fact she sings along to Taylor Swift when she comes on the radio, how she sleeps, and her love, awe and friendship with Madonna.
And her favourite outfit? her MTV Video awards bleeding outfit she created with Nicola

Saturday, May 29, 2010

House of Quinn

Here are the looks from the debut House of Quinn collection designed by Julius Quinn Arthur.

Arthur, a recent graduate of the University of Brighton titled his collection, "DEATH BECOMES HER". The design incorporates his research of British taxidermy collections and the processes of creating a taxidermy specimen, complimented by the inner workings of the animal form, looking at muscle structure to inspire texture and surface manipulation to create a unique six-piece collection.
His long flowing dresses and contrasting structured jackets are part of the "Demi Couture" aesthetic. ME LIKEY

I interviewed Julius a couple of months ago, read it here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GUEST BLOGGER: Stephanie Dove talks about the gems from within her nest.....

Stephanie.Dove may be Dove by name but really is more Magpie by nature. With a nest that needs a feathering, she sets out to bedazzle with a horde of fabulous fodder. Sexual gold and turquoise 'YSL Arty' oval ring, S.Dove has had a long time love affair with this little beaut. Alexander really are a God, the 'Coco Duffle' in both denim and cowboy!! From one SJP to the next, Halston Heritage asymmetric jersey dress...coral's back (can only be good news eh?). Finally no nest would be complete without a tasty offering from Eddie Borgo, iridescent cone bracelet (yummy).

For now chickens.


p.s Well done to all Brighton University Design graduates, it's all over you can breathe now xxx

Stephanie Dove's Twitter

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running in heels [alot]

After a weekend of BBQs in the sun and club openings in the evenings, Tincarabell is super tired. Not that she is allowed to make this apparent..... Too much to do.....
With another private fitting to prepare for at work [this time for Style magazine] there is lots to do and stop and breathe? No time for that. After filling hanger after hanger the showroom was looking near enough perfection, just in the nick of time for this morning's arrival.

Tincarabell wears: tights and shoes [Chanel] dress [Proenza Schluoler]

GUEST BLOGGER: Helena Fleur's round two of the Brown's celebrations

Helena Fleur was even more excited about Browns night 2 as it was probably even more exclusive than night 1. She put on her new long dress, sparkly shoes and headed back to Regent Lofts, this time with Drummer Boy from the Maccabees and Freddie Fox (aka Marilyn for those who watched the Boy George programme recently).

Once again the Perrier-Jouët was flowing, the stars, models and fashionistas were out in force, and the weather was perfect. They sauntered around the exhibition, pausing briefly to be photographed by Harpers Bazaar and ES magazine before heading up to the penthouse for a fabulous dinner prepared by Mark Hix himself. Trudie Styler came over to say hello and chat and people spent lashings of cash on classic pieces from Browns in an auction for charity.

After too many delish chocolate truffles and champagne, Helena Fleur and Drummer Boy headed out for a Marlborough Light to take in the spectacular views, much to the relief of Henry Holland who came running over to join them as he “didn’t know anyone” there. Helena Fleur to the rescue of lonely fashion designers.

After Mrs B had come up to Helena Fleur to see if she had enjoyed the night (which of course she had) it was time to go. Carriages awaited. Helena Fleur had wanted to go and meet Stephanie Dove and Tincarabell at the bar with the boy models for barmen, but time had caught up with her…What a night.
Helena Fleur's Twitter

GUEST BLOGGER: Helena Fleur and her adventures parting with the fashion pack

Last week was a very exciting one for Helena Fleur as a who’s who of A-list fashion crowd put on their Manolos and headed to the Regent Penthouses and Lofts in Soho. The glorious Mrs B of Browns fashion boutique was hosting a party to celebrate 40 years of Browns.

Helena Fleur and Miss Miller started the evening at the Hospital Club over a martini and then headed to the Penthouse in a taxi. Paparazzi gathered all around the taxi in anticipation of their arrival, and so began the evening.

They were greeted by some gorgeous boys laden down with glasses of Perrier-Jouët and delish Beefeater Gin 24 cocktails. Surrounded by gorgeous dresses in the exhibition and an army of models, they strutted around and mingled with the likes of Paloma Faith, Susie Bubble, Simon and Yasmin Le Bon, Henry Conway and naturally Mrs B herself. Helena Fleur had lovely chats with Henry Holland and the stunning Eva Herzigova who looked a little like Marilyn Monroe in Dolce & Gabbana.

Unfortunately the evening had to come to an end, the lights go down and the champagne put away, but only for a few days…

For a fabulous evening, some fabulous garms: Dress [Moschino Cheap and Chic]; Shoes [Gucci]; necklace [Vintage]

Helena Fleur's Twitter

Thursday, May 20, 2010

lets get some shoes......

A busy week it had been and Tincarabell has been trying out the straight and narrow; wake up; get ready; work; home; food; sleep. She managed to last 4 days before bursting at the seams and meeting with PR girl Stephanie Dove for a well deserved glass of white wine and a 100 mile an hour chat about the life and trials of their weeks. Oh, and the bar [with boy models for barmen] they were sat at happened to be neighboring office shoes where they peered in at and spotted these:

She couldn't resist:

And so Tincarabell wears top [Hussein Chalayan]; Skirt [3.1 Phillip Lim]; tights [Falke]; shoes [office]

Monday, May 17, 2010

running in heels

Its the beginning of the week again and the to do list is back up to full capacity for the week. Tincarabell is back at the HQ where she is the PR intern, busying away with the equilibrium of samples entering and leaving the press room, and running as fast as her heels can carry her to and fro from the reception to deliver packet after packet to the couriers patiently waiting at the entrance.
This afternoon, whilst sorting through the never ending google alerts Tincarabell made a discovery of what happens when fashion and cupcakes collide [and no it is not Manhattan's magnolia bakery - as good as it is...] this is what sprung up on he slow and cumbersome PC [ahem- she totes is a mac girl...]

Its the end of the day and Tincarabell has taken off her heels.... she wears shirt [MiH]; bag [Peter Jensen]; Skirt [pins and needles @ Urban Outfitters]; Tights [Urban Outfitters]

Saturday, May 15, 2010

mmmmmmmm pudding.

After completing Tincarabell's first week at her new job working as part of the in house PR for a high profile fashion house, dealing with visits from Vogue and sending packages to such people as Natalia V's people, Elle Macpherson's people and Peoples Revolution, she heads to Covent Garden to meet Stephanie Dove and Helena Fleur. She arrives on Neil street for a cocktail or few before heading for dinner at the Hospital Club. Sipping on Perrier Jouet, they had a feast of mini shepherds pie and mini fish and chips and mini sausage and mash followed by passion fruit meringue pie with coconut ice cream.

Last night Tincarabell was dressed in: dress [Chanel]; Tights [House of Holland]; Shoes [Topshop]; headscarf [Celine]

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bringing back the Burb

For quite some time I have been on the campaign to bring "back the burb" from the sunken world it unwillingly dove into. Whilst submerged under the sea of chavs in their checked hats and scarfs, it's brand image was in a fairly volatile state...
I however loved it and wanted it. Maybe the fact that it was founded in Basingstoke [which I am half Basingstokian] had an effect?! Anyway, I perchaced a classic Novacheck scarf back in the day, possibly subjecting myself to be added as a member of the newly labeled Chav tribe of the the 90s, but swiftly putting it at the back of my cupboard along with my denim jacket and other such 'i would rather die than be seen in' items after this was brought to my attention. Yet as the denim jacket looked less like a b*witched costume and found it's way back on to my back a couple of years ago the Burberry scarf came out too. Trying to recruit new members was of the movement was harder than I had anticipated however, few truly believed in it. But there was a small number and they wore their checks with pride.
So, as their brand says, prorsum [which is of course Latin for forwards]. And forwards they certainly have come; Christopher Baily put the check back in fashion with the exploded version adorning the models in 2006 [see above]. Finally, their A/W collection is soooo much of a winner, there are people bringing out the sheerling already, even though it is verging on summer....

Kate Bellm takes nice pictures

Bellm is a Berlin based photographer, my only knowledge of Berlin is that is is like so totally the coolest [and recently coldest] city to live in atm, especially if you have any description of a creative bone in your body. So, it is no surprise that Bellm's pictures are as cool as her surroundings. I like the spontaneous, unpolished point and shoot quality of the shots, reminiscent of the works of Marc Jacobs' photographer, Juergen Teller and celebrity snapper Terry Richardson.

Here are some faves:





all photos by Kate Bellm

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So as a self confessed Gleek [others include Madonna, Lady Gaga, the obama's and Gordon Brown] I think it is high time that Glee was mentioned here, being one of the topics which uses up a large percentage of my thinking time since I submerged under it's power. Something my sister was very surprised I was in love with, due to my fairly sensitive cringe-ometer. However my long love of High School Musical resulted in little surprise that I would be cast under the Glee spell [I must add at this point Glee and HSM have a world apart from each other].

[my glee badge, I requested gold glitter and a gold star- to honor Rachel Berry's autograph... they gave me a smiley face instead, it will do...!]

and, finding this blog What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear [WWEPW] made me smile....

Now where's the red carpet?

After looking through the fleet of dresses worthy of the Met ball last week Tincarabell picked her favourite to try on for size.......

Tincarabell teams Chloe Sevigny's Proenza Schouler Dress with: earrings [Topshop]; shoes [Jeffery Campbell @ Office]

Why dont you love me?

Beyonce's new video for why don't you love me? is truly spectacular. I love the styling, I love the make-up, I love the setting, I love the hair, I love the way it is shot, I love her......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tincarabell likes a bit of Rouge.

And so, another day another dollar as they say, back to work after a action packed, fun filled weekend.
Yesterday Tincarabell awakes to what sounds like the helpless wails of a distressed cat pumping out of her sister's laptop [no, it was Sophie Ellis- Bextor], so running away with an early exit from the house, along to the polling station to match her bright red nails to her vote.

She also discovered this, get ready for a gigglathon .

Tincarabell is wearing [amazing digital print] dress [prada]; sweatshirt [Ashish for Topshop]; shoes [office]; tights [falke]


[Bow hairbands made with Vintage fabrics]

Here is a little preview from the accessory line by Stephanie Dove, Felicity Vespa, Sarah Knits and Tincarabell.

Coming soon to Portabello Market.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to fill a bank holiday

It has become a bit of a tradition to spend the weekend sipping on Moscow Mules with her girl friends so as another long weekend sprung upon us this meant a whole extra 24 hours of indulgence. Friday night saw Sarah Knits and Tincarabell dancing around a friends front room to anything that involved Nikki Minaj lyricing on the track until the small hours when they decided to retire home to the nest. The following day Tincarabell met with Helena Fleur and Ana Star-Sia their for weekly catch up over some cocktails under the midday sun, turning into evening rain finishing with night time cold and a bottle of Perrier Jouet.
A rainy sunday morning diddnt rain on her parade as she marched along Bethnal Green Road to Miss Esme's Birthday Barbie where they sipped Gin and Tonics and nibbled on barbiqued pinapple [very yum] beneath a very proudly erected gazebo, all before changing into some ankle breaking footwear and prancing along to the Macbeth to prance about some more.

Monday was a write off of course.

Tincarabell wears jersey trousers and Belt [Rag & Bone]; Neclace [Tatty Devine]; Shirt [cos]; shoes [3.1 phillip lim] glasses [Vintage]