Monday, February 28, 2011

Born This Way.

Milan Fashion Week Highlight: Marni

  "severe elegance." was in the mind of Consuelo Castiglioni when she designed this collection. Drawing inspiration from the precision of modern architecture, the collection had an abundance clean lines n the tailoring as well as the graphic prints. Castiglioni said "I want to go back to the start, with simplicity and discipline," which certainly has been achieved.

Favourite look:

Cropped sleeved fur coat= big big win! 
I altered a jacket once to have sleeves very like this one, excellent for spring, maybe not the depths of winter, unless worn with glove like these: click

I went out and stumbled accross.....

Josh Beech!

I went to meet a bunch of friends in Shepherds Bush on Friday for catch up and tequila. Some bands were playing in the bar when I spot the "Levis Boy' which took me a while to identify how I had recognized him until he took off his jacket for his set, and his arm of tattoos was exposed. Here is him doing some singing:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Highlight: Moschino Cheap and Chic

This collection established 4 sub-collections each representing a different fashion capital: Milan; London; Paris; New York. Each section was introduced with each city's landmark and the following looks inspired by the city's identity.

My favourite look:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Highlight: D&G

 This collection for me has been my favourite this season.... And for me, my favourite ever from Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbanna. Their collection is fun, sporty and youthful. It has a definite nineties vibe cuts and  colour palette. The graphic lettering was not excusive to the clothes, they bled onto the runway and accessories. I liked to see the use of different wights of fabrics adorned with the lettering especially the chiffon poking out from knitted bodycon pieces. Bravo Domenico and Stefano you did real good!  

My favourite look:

Wow it is like they went in my head and plucked out on outfit from my subconscious.... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

London Fashion Week Highlight: Burberry Prorsum

I am a big fan of this collection.... Though Burberry seem to show a new array of coats each season and it would appear few alternative forms of garments get a look in, they have some fabulous specimens none the less. I am a big fan of the fur pieces which have crept their way into this collection and likewise the checked wool..... I have one like the top centre - I will now be wearing it alot!

Favourite look:

So, naturally my favourite look has a big dose of fur. This coat is possibly one of the best I have ever seen, a contrast of impeccable tailoring and fur detailing on the collar and arms. I love the distorted silhouette which has evolved a boxy top heavy shape. love love love

Get Monay!

click above to buy

This here is from Tatty Devine's latest collection. 
I need dollar!

London Fashion Week Highlight: Giles

Giles drew inspiration from Victoriana and Edwardiana in the Victoria and Albert Museum for this collection. Strong ties with is theme can be seen in the high necks on these two shirts [above] and consistant use of corsets throughout the collection. The maid- like bows on each of the models also seem to have filtered through from the Victoriana theme.

Favourite look:

This coat is truly faboulous... It reminds me of an old fisherman's raincoat from the early 1930s, My mother owns one which is kept in our family cottage on the west coast of ireland where she wears it in the blizzardous weather we are subjected to on walks over the hills and far away. I want this one so I can look as cool!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yasmin Kianfar

When I heard that Miss Yasmin Kianfar, a girl who I found myself sharing a tent with and adventuring the fields of Bestival a couple of years ago, has since skyrocketed in the fashion world: Yasmin Kianfar is a 23 year-old British designer who has graduated from Central St. Martins last Summer. It was soon after that when her collection was picked up by the infamous Browns fashion boutique.
Inspiration for this capsule collection came from looking at 1920's erotica and manifests itself in fabrics such as sheer chiffon and leather buckled garments. It is a series of contemporary looks, combining silk and leather with powernet to create a fresh and modern take on evening-wear. Intricate detailing such as fine hand pleating and laser cutting techniques are used to embellish her clean-lined silhouettes.
Kianfar's designs have a celebrity following including Cheryl Cole, Susie Bubble, and my new favourite female, Jessie J:

Here she wears the Cropped powermesh top click here to buy.

Adventures from the weekend

Jack, Helena, Sean, JJ and George @ Vivienne Westwood, The Wallace Collection, London

Jessie J @ Vivienne Westwood, The Wallace Collection, London

Me @ St. Martins Lane Hotel, Covent Garden

Me @ St. Martins Lane Hotel, Covent Garden

JJ and Anneka @ Bungalow 8, Covent Garden

JJ @ Bungalow 8, Covent Garden

 Helena and Yvan @ Bungalow 8, Covent Garden

Helena @ Bungalow 8, Covent Garden

Anneka @ Frix's House, London Bridge

Sarah in a cab, East London

Anna @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington

Jo @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington

Jo @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington

Ben, Aneel and J@ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington

  Anna and me @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington

Jon and Flick @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington 

Seana @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington 

Kieron @ Jolly Butcher, Stoke Newington 

Party frocks at Vivienne Westwood party:

Here is the post I did on the party outfits at the Westwood party for the Elle South Africa blog:

Click on the image above to see the original article

Monday, February 21, 2011

London Fashion Week Highlight: House of Holland

Inspired by grannies, Henry's show was watched upon by huge quantity of celebrities including Pixie Geldof, Alexa chung, Nicola Roberts and Jamie Winstone. The collection featured harris tweeds in candy colors in the form of jackets, dresses and skirts which had an lace-trimmed slips peeking out of its hem. Quirky prints on silk blouses and housecoats were based on the "older lady pastimes" of tending to playing bingo the afghan blanket pattern has featured heavily also, finding itself on tights, playsuits, shirts and dresses.
My Favourite look:

Tweed and pearls..... I do love them both and this has made me love them together more and in a different way!

London Fashion Week Highlight: Mulberry

The theme for this collection sprung Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox. This season the new Alexas were shown and they are oversized with diamond quilting and fox-head hardware. The Bayswaters have been Mr Foxed up too in pony skin and fox shaped rivets. 

Favourite Look:

The Maxi is appearing on many of the catwalks this year and this is not the first to be in my favourite looks I can guarantee.

London Fashion Week Highlight: Nicole Farhi

The use of black tones and little colour provides no distaction to the contrast of fabrics which is an element that features heavily in this collection with glossy materials and warm, tactile ones, and textural variety. This collection is by far one of my favourites of the A/W 11 collections so far, it is sophisticated, yet has a youthful appeal.
My favourite look:


fast becoming a bit of a trend it would appear, again my favourite look involves a contrast of fabrics with sheer elements. I like the wide knit on the arms of this look.

London Fashion Week Highlight: Acne

 Acne's Designer, Johansson found inspiration for this collection from British sculpture artist Daniel Silver as well as the trendy girls in his design studio. As seen in Jonathan Saunder's show, a strong contrast of fabrics has been used, with structural leather pieces layered with chiffons: love love love

My favourite look:             

I love the dusty pink colour layered on black and the contrasting chiffon at the bottom of the trouser leg. 
want want want

London Fashion Week Highlight: Jonathan Saunders

For this collection Saunders has been inspired by Outerbridge's graphic juxtapositions, which can be seen in the contrast of fabrics on his catwalk looks. The different weights of fabrics with mohair, chiffon, silk and block sequin contrast against each other generating a striking combination of textures.

Favourite look:

and, also the red silk top that could easily fit into one of the Mad Men girl's wardrobes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vivienne's party

So, to kick of London Fashion week with a bang, Dame Vivienne Westwood held a party at the beautiful building that is the Wallace Collection on Manchester square, London. As we promptly arrived at 8 (so as to ensure entry, we had a tip off from an insider that it was over RSVP'd by about 200!!! yikes!) we were front of queue. As we walked past the paparazzi, we swanned up the grand staircase to the sound of a string quartet and greeted with glasses of Perrier Jouet in beautifully branded flutes. We then proceeded to the main bar area to see the collection of the 'Get a Life' Palladium jewellery collection (a range of one-off couture pieces and ready-to-wear designs - crafted from palladium, a rare precious metal.) The pieces were in shapes of natural objects such as oak leaves and my favourite, an acorn. 
Whilst here our first celebrity spotting of Olivia Palermo sauntering towards the bar in a fabulous Temperley jacket. shortly followed by Mr Hudsen, Kele, Plan B, and an entrance from Annie Mac (omg I heart her) and Nick Grimshaw. Then George Craig enters wearing a blue Burberry coat (beautiful beautiful boy).  Fiery Haired Vivienne later turns up:

We party on, nibbling on mini cheese soufflés, scallops and a bizarre combination of venison, chocolate and beetroot canapés. As well as sipping down more Perrier Jouet! we then head down to the courtyard for the Live performance from Jessie J:

Wow wow wow, she was amazing!

Helena, me, Henry & Namalee

Helena & Yvan

More photos to come - watch this space..........

And.... I wore Peter Jensen dress with betty Jackson heels

House Of Holland A/W 2011

Brilliant little video!

Look what I did:

Click on the image above to see the article on the Elle South Africa blog.

pictures from some of my adventures last week

Sara @ Work It, Concrete, Shoreditch

Sarah and Annabel @ Work It, Concrete, Shoreditch

Sara and Annabel @ Work It, Concrete, Shoreditch

Sara @ Work It, Concrete, Shoreditch

Sarah and Annabel @ Work It, Concrete, Shoreditch

Helena @ Magnetic Man, The Hospital club, Covent Garden

Katy B @Magnetic Man, The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

Helena @ The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

JJ and Helena @ The Agitator, Barfly, Camden

 Helena @ McDonnalds, Marble Arch