Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

golden animals

How cool are these? Jewellery brand Me and Zena are behind these totes amazing pieces which I want around my neck/ on my finger immediately!
click on the images to buy from their website.

this week I want:

Marc Jacobs earphones.
[I need new earphones as i have ben walking around with some tangled up with thread shitty black ones for too long singe my over-excited Labrador ruined my last pair of decent ones. Here are a pair of pink beauties from Lord Marc Jacobs]
get them here

Pixel jumper, Gap
[It's cold outside, It has been bright white outside my window for over a week now. Its getting annoying now, but this jumper will make the outside a bit more exciting to step into.]
get it here

Kara shoes, Topshop
[first of all, they have the same name as I. Now this is reason enough, but I also quite like them. I wore an earlier version of these over the summer which stepped and ran and skipped their way to the grave. Time for another pair.]
get them here

Clutch/makeup bag, Anya Hindmarch
[I am a sucker for studded black leather, and this is that. Anya Hindmarch never fails to deliver with anything pretty much. I love it whether it be a makeup bag or as I would wear it a clutch.]
get it here

Skull ring, Alexander McQueen
[I have always wanted a skull ring, and now, I will always want this skull ring]
get it here